Client Satisfaction Survey

We are seeking your feedback about using the bc211 Online Directory. Your input will help us to improve its usefulness for everyone. All survey responses are completely anonymous and you may choose whether to answer any or all of the questions.

1. What kind of device do you use most frequently to access the Online Directory?*

2. For whom do you usually search the Online Directory (select one or more answers)*

3. In which Regional District are you generally searching for resources? Head office locations are shown to illustrate the general geographic area. (select one or more)*

4. Are you easily able to find the resources that you're looking for?*

5. Please indicate how satisfied you are with the features of the Online Directory by selecting one choice beside each statement below.*

Very dissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeither dissatisfied nor satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfiedNo opinion - I've never used this feature.
a) Icon search
b) Service search
c) Organization search
d) Browse results on list and/or map
e) Print selected results
f) Export results to Excel

6. What specific suggestions for improvement do you have for the Online Directory?*

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