Restraint and Seclusion in BC Schools 2016/2017 Survey

In 2013, Inclusion BC and the Family Support Institute launched an initiative to address growing reports of children being subjected to restraint and seclusion in BC schools. A provincial survey indicated these practices were frequent, often leading to physical and emotional trauma, and causing many families to pull their children from the public school system. We urged the Ministry of Education to take firm action to eliminate or severely limit such practices and to require formal documentation and reporting of all incidents.

The Education Ministry responded with new 
provincial guidelines that called on school boards and independent school authorities to review and/or develop policies and practices based on the provincial guidelines, and to ensure that employees are informed about them. Our research shows that only 1/3 of School Boards have done so. 

Since there is still no reporting requirement, we are asking parents/guardians to complete this 10 - 15-minute survey reviewing current practices. Responses will remain completely anonymous and will drive Inclusion BC's ongoing advocacy to eliminate such practices while improving training and supports within our schools.

IMPORTANT: Personal stories do lead to changes in public policy and practice. If you would be willing to share your story we urge you to contact us: Karen DeLong at 604-777-9100 or toll free 1-800-618-1119 email:

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