Community Resilience Through Arts and Culture - 2019 Application Form

Program Overview

The intent of the Community Resilience Through Arts and Culture program is to support arts and cultural events, projects and initiatives by and for local communities through grants ranging from $2,500 - $15,000, up to 75% of a project's budget. The focus of this program is communities experiencing hardship, historic oppression, or other challenges that would benefit from the power of arts and culture to promote healing, resilience, and connection.

Program Eligibility

This program is open to the following applicants with experience in arts and culture programming:
  • Non-profit organizations
  • First Nations Band Councils or Friendship Centres
  • Municipalities, Regional Districts or equivalent in partnership with at least one community-based organization or group 
The program has a focus on small, rural, remote and Indigenous communities. Partnerships and collaboration within communities is encouraged.

Applications will be considered for programs and events that have previously occurred but are still in the process of getting established. This program supports new events or projects as either a one-time initiative in response to a defined need, or in establishing a needed program or event. As there is no long-term guarantee of annual funding it is expected that recipient organizations will work to source and secure regular funding for ongoing events and programs.

Eligible Activities

While project examples are included below for inspiration, applicants are encouraged to propose a project that reflects their community’s capacity, history and unique identities. The proposed project should directly address how it builds resilience within your community.

1. Arts and culture projects, programs or workshops 
Examples include, but are in no way limited to: community-engaged performance arts; using arts and culture to raise awareness and generate dialogue on community themes (e.g., photo series, documentaries, publications, exhibitions); creative workshops and drop-in sessions; youth dialogue and artistic exploration of community issues; traditional arts exhibitions with demonstrations; cross-cultural activities; and community art projects. 

2. Cultural events, festivals and community celebrations that feature connection, engagement and participation                    ‚Äč
Examples include, but are in no way limited to: cross-cultural demonstrations and sharing; song and storytelling circles; cultural events; performances; feasts; and resilience-themed celebrations with planned engagement and participation.

Projects should engage and compensate professional artists, technicians or cultural leaders (including traditional knowledge keepers).

Ineligible categories or activities include:
  • Feasibility studies, reports or plans
  • Regular salaries of municipal, First Nations or non-profit organization employees
  • Infrastructure, maintenance or repairs 

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