Working Group # 9 Reporting Letters

Do you always send a reporting letter to all clients?

to Purchasers
to Vendors
to Lenders

On average, when do you deliver/send out your reporting letter?

on the day of closing?within 1 week of the closing?within 1 month of the closing?within 3 months of closing?other:
to the purchaser/vendor:other:
to the lender:other:

Do you use the reporting letter in your file management software or have your own letter?

Do you add specific content to address issues that arose during the transaction?

Do you send your reporting letters to the purchaser/vendor:

Do you send your reporting letters to the lender:

Who signs the reporting letter?

When do you bill for the work done on the transaction/file?

What documents do you include in your report: (click all applicable)

TransferChargeAgreement of Purchase and SaleStatus Certificate, if a condominiumStatement of AdjustmentsStatement of Trust FundsStatement of AccountPlans or Survey, if anyMortgage commitment and related documentsConsents and Acknowledgments the client has signedDirections (funds, title, etc.)Discharge of charge/mortgage and Payout StatementTitle Insurance PolicyOther:
to the purchaserOther:
to the vendorOther:
to the lenderOther:

How do you present your reporting letter?

Where do you keep your copy of the reporting letters?

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