National Union Catalogue

At the time of the transfer to Voila, were you actively using AMICUS?

If yes: How were you using the service (select all that apply)?

If no: Please explain why you were not using the service.

Do you currently subscribe to OCLC?

What service(s) do you currently subscribe to:

How much do you pay for your service(s)?

Do you use all of the services you pay for?

If you are not already, do you have plans to subscribe?

Do you use other service providers for services that support cataloguing and ILL Service?

Does your province/territory have a collaborative cataloguing/ILL service?

Have you applied to receive support from the Library and Archives subsidy fund?

Moving Forward

What creative solutions would you like to propose to assist LAC and the Canadian library community in ensuring that the NUC(Voila) is as comprehensive and accessible as possible?

Are you interested in working with LAC and other library partners to identify creative solutions ? (ie – third party arrangements, etc., )

General Comments:

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