Working Group Q#10 Survey

1. Do you discuss with your client the need to obtain a survey, whether or not one is stated to be available in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale? (select all that apply)

2. What factors influence your decision to recommend that the client get a survey? (select all that apply)

3. If you receive a survey, do you review the survey with the client purchaser/borrower?

4. Do you document all survey-related discussions with the client?

4a. If you do document your discussion, how and where is it documented? (select all that apply)

5. What elements of the survey do you review with clients? (select all that apply)

6. Which of the following would you accept as a survey for a purchase or mortgage transaction? (select all that apply)

7. How do you verify if the survey you received is up-to-date? (select all that apply)

8. How can a survey be updated? (select all that apply)

9. Are you aware that copies of existing surveys may be available (for a fee) on:

Municipal building department

10. Are you aware that a survey is an opinion reflecting the state of the property at a point in time only?

11. Are you aware that your client can only sue the original surveyor if he/she was the party who actually contracted for the survey work or received a supplementary letter of reliance?

12. In a condominium transaction, do you review the following with the client? (select all that apply)

13. When there is a survey available, do you compare it to:

14. If there is no survey, do you get clients to acknowledge reliance on title insurance?

14a. If you answered "Always" above, which form do you have clients sign?

15. What is currently required for a document to qualify as a building location survey? (select all that apply)

16. If the offer calls for a survey to be provided, and you receive a copy which is illegible, missing the date and/or the surveyor’s signature, do you requisition a new survey?

What topics would you like the Working Group to survey next?

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