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10 Valley Express - Post Implementation Feedback Survey
The 10 Valley Express was implemented to provide faster and more direct commuter connections for passengers travelling between neighbourhoods north and south of Whistler Village. The service was designed to meet key work start and end times as identified by an online survey conducted in June 2018, which received over 500 responses from the community.

The goal of this survey is to collect feedback on how well this new service meets commuter needs including routing, bus stop locations, and trip times.
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Where do you live?

How often do you use the 10 Valley Express?

For what purpose(s) do you use the 10 Valley Express (select all that apply)?

How satisfied are you with the following aspects of the 10 Valley Express service?

Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery DissatisfiedN/A
Overall impression of the 10 Valley Express
Routing and Bus Stops
Scheduled trip times
Reliability: Trips on-time according to schedule
Frequency of transit service
Buses are not overcrowded

Routing and Bus Stop Locations

The 10 Valley Express is primarily intended as an express connection between neighbourhoods north and south of Whistler Village, serving neighbourhoods primarily with bus stops on Highway 99. Diversions off the highway: 
  • increase the scheduled trip time, thus reducing the number of trips that are possible per day
  • increase the number of turns in the route as well as its exposure to traffic, thereby reducing the reliability of the service

Do you have any feedback on the 10 Valley Express routing and bus stop locations?

Scheduled Trip Times

The 10 Valley Express trip times were scheduled to meet the most prevalent shift start and end times in Function Junction, Whistler Creekside, and Nesters as identified from the results of a 10 Valley Express survey conducted in June of 2018.

Do you have any feedback on the 10 Valley Express scheduled trip times?

Do you have any additional comments about the 10 Valley Express service?

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