Tell Your Story

Application Form November 3 - December 1 Program

*First Name:

*Last Name:


*Current Age and Grade:


Participant’s email (if you have one):

*Parent's email:

*Parent’s phone number:

*Are you available to attend all program sessions (Sunday November 3, 17, 24, December 1) from 2-3:30pm?)

*Can you tell us why you are excited to be part of Tell Your Story?

*Can you tell us what type of project you would like to create in Tell Your Story (ex: short story, picture book, poetry, comic, non-fiction, etc.) and what it's about?

*What sentence best describes you:

(Reminder: we cannot accept complete or published ebooks or physical books. Tell Your Story is for projects that you would like to work on and workshop with other writers)

*You will have to work on your project at home, in between the Library programs (ex: revising, writing, drawing, etc.). Can you commit to doing this?

*Can you have a first draft of your story ready to share with the group by November 17th?

*I understand that, if I am selected for Tell Your Story, there will be deadlines that I need to meet. If I am not able to complete my work on my project in time, it may not be published as a Library ebook.

*We will need permission from your parent or guardian to make your ebook available in the Library collection. Does your parent/guardian know that you are applying for this program, and that we will be contacting them for permission during the program?

We will be selecting writers/artists to participate in this first Tell Your Story program and will contact you by email (participant and parent’s email) by the end of the day on Tuesday, July 2 to let you know if you have been selected.
If you’re not selected this time, there will be other chances to participate throughout the year.
Questions about this application form? Contact the Youth Department at or 604.925.7408.
Thank you for applying!

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