2019 Kelowna Transit Information Survey

Today, web and app-based information and tools allow customers to track their bus in real-time and access transit information at the swipe of a finger from their mobile device. Printed street schedules and route maps are currently still provided at major exchanges, Rapid Stations, and select local bus stops. All information channels require regular updating. The printed street schedules in particular require significant resources to develop and produce. Your feedback will help us ensure that resources are focused where they’re needed most.

*1) How often do you ride transit?

2) Do you have a smartphone with a data plan?

3) If yes, do you use your smartphone to check bus schedule information?

*4) Have you heard of NextRide?

NextRide is a BC Transit initiative to implement Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology on buses. This new technology includes a web-based application that allows transit users to follow their bus in real-time, view the location of the bus along its route, and find out when the bus will arrive at identified stops. Transit users can access NextRide through web browsers and smart mobile devices at bctransit.com/nextride. 

5) What is the primary application you use to check bus schedule information?

6) If you don't have a smartphone with a data plan, what is your primary source of transit information?

*7) Now that NextRide is available, the City of Kelowna and BC Transit are considering reducing the number of bus stop schedule posters (on street schedules) at various bus stops in Kelowna. If the schedule posters were removed, would you have other means to check transit information?

8) Comments:

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