Women's Centre 2021 Outcomes Survey

Please choose all that apply.

Are you visiting or connecting with the Women’s Centre for the first time?



For each of the following questions please circle Yes, No, or N/A (Not Applicable).

1. I feel safe when I participate at the Women's Centre by phone, online, or in person
2. I am treated with respect when I participate (get help, volunteer, join a workshop/event) at the Women's Centre
3. I am given options when I get help
4. I get the support I need
5. I get the support when I need it
6a. I learned something I needed to know
6b. I have used this knowledge
7a. I know more about other places where I can get what I need
7b. I have used some of those places
8. I use the computer, phone, fax, photocopier or printer when I need to
9. The Women’s Centre helps me when I have a bad day
10. I have made new friends through the Women's Centre
11. I like that there are many different types of people at the Women's Centre
12a. I meet people I wouldn’t normally meet
12b. I understand more about their ways of life
13. There is always someone to talk to at the Women’s Centre
14. I feel a sense of belonging at the Women’s Centre
15. I am doing more or different things than when I first came to the Women's Centre
16. I talk about women's /community issues here
17. I know more about women's/community issues
18. I act on women's/community’s issues here
19. I have talked about women's/community issues with family and friends
20. Being involved with the Women’s Centre has helped me to get more involved in the community


1. We recognize and celebrate diversity and differences. Do you belong to any of the following groups? Please check all that apply:

2. We also recognize that we experience different issues. Please check all that apply:

3. What area of the city do you live in?

4. What did you miss the most about the Women's Centre during the pandemic?

5. What does the ideal Women's Centre look like to you?

6. What is your big dream for the Women's Centre?

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