PETITION: End menstrual discrimination at UFV

We, the undersigned, call on UFV administration to provide free menstrual products in all UFV washrooms.
No person should have to miss work or school and become unfairly disadvantaged because they do not have access to (or cannot afford) menstrual products. Just like toilet paper, menstrual products are essential for personal hygiene and sanitation.

According to a 2018 study conducted by Plan Canada, one third of Canadian women under the age of 25 have struggled to afford menstrual products. This study also found that 86% of women are unprepared when their period starts, and 70% of women have had to miss school or work, or have withdrawn from social activities because of their period.

British Columbia’s K-12 schools are now mandated to provide such products free-of-charge, and in May 2019, the federal government presented a proposal to mandate all federally-regulated workplaces to provide menstrual products in all washrooms. Change is happening, and UFV can lead the way for post-secondary schools to stand up against menstrual discrimination.

Sign this petition to support the Faculty and Staff Association’s and the Student Union Society’s call on UFV administration to provide FREE menstrual products in all UFV washrooms. Help break down discriminatory barriers and support sanitation equity on campus!

Note: This petition will be delivered to UFV administration on International Human Rights Day (December 10). The UFV-FSA and the UFV SUS recognizes and respects the importance of your privacy. The information included on this petition will only be shared with UFV management to advocate for an end to menstrual discrimination. 

I call on UFV administration to provide free menstrual products in all UFV washrooms.

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