APNS COVID-19 Survey Part 2 - Where are we now?

A year ago APNS conducted a survey on how the pandemic affected its members. The goal of this survey is to give us a sense of how things have changed for you since this time last year. Where are we now and how have psychologists adapted?

This survey should take 15 minutes to complete. To maintain your anonymity, all survey responses will be aggregated. Any comments you provide will be de-identified and summarized together with others. 
Thank you in advance for your valuable time and insights. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact apns@apns.ca

1) Section 1: Demographics

2) Section 2: Professional Impact

1 - Very difficult2 - Moderately difficult3 - Undecided4 -Moderately easy5 - Very easy
Maintaining COVID requirements in your workplace
For those not in private practice please skip to question 9.
1 - Much more affected2 - Somewhat more affected3 - About the same4 - Somewhat less affected5 - Much less affected
How affected was your practice during COVID Waves 2 & 3
1 - Very challenging2 - Moderately challenging3 - Average4 - Moderately easy5 - Very easy
Your clients response to COVID Waves 2 and 3
For those within urban HRM please skip to question 12.

3) Section 3: Telepsychology

If you offered telepsychology prior to COVID please skip to question 14.
For those outside HRM urban area, please skip to question 15.

15) In general, what would you say is the biggest change the pandemic has made in your work?


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