Parenting Plan Tool

We created this tool to help parents who are going through a separation or divorce. Your feedback is important. It will help us assess how useful the tool is to parents. It will also help us determine how we can adjust future versions of this tool to better serve the needs of parents. We estimate that this survey will take you about 5 minutes to complete.

1. How useful did you find the tool for understanding/making a parenting plan?

2. In which format did you access this tool?

3. Would you prefer to have had this tool in a different format?

4. Do you plan to use part or all of the parenting plan tool to help design your own parenting plan?

5. Would you recommend this tool to others who are developing a parenting plan, or who work with people who are?

5a. Please indicate why you would not recommend this document.

6. Do you have any specific comments on the tool (e.g., information that was particularly useful or missing, additional content you would like to included, your experience with its use, or suggestions for additions/changes)?

7. Please indicate which best describes you (Choose all that apply.):

7a. Have you had (or do you plan to have) the help of a family justice professional (e.g., lawyer, mediator, etc) to develop your parenting plan?

7b. Who will assist you? (Choose all that apply.)