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Please use this online survey to share your suggestions for change or ways we can strengthen community safety.

Your suggestions will be considered in preparing recommendations and may be included in the Commission’s final report. This survey will close September 30, 2022.

Mass Casualty Commission Background
The Commission has been working since its inception in October 2020 to examine the April 18-19, 2020 mass casualty in Nova Scotia, learning about what happened, and how and why it happened in order to deliver findings and recommendations that can help make our communities safer. This work has included gathering tens of thousands of documents for review, conducting hundreds of interviews, hearing from witnesses and experts in public proceedings, and sharing information with the public along the way. Information about all of this is available on the Commission’s website:

In August and September 2022, the focus of the Commission’s activities will be to consider findings and recommendations. This work builds on everything the Commission has learned through its earlier phases.

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