Squamish Public Library

2017 Community Input Survey

The Squamish Public Library invites all community members—regardless of whether you have used the library—to participate in a short survey about the library's resources, services, and future direction.  This information will be used to guide our ongoing strategic plan and ultimately to serve you better. Please help us in developing a shared vision for our community!
The survey should take approximately 5 minutes. At the end, you will have the option to sign up for our new online newsletter and be entered in a weekly draw for a Squamish Public Library trucker hat and a grand prize to be presented on November 2, 2017 at our open house and town hall event.
We thank you in advance for your time.


Library Use

Which of the following most accurately describes you, or the person(s) on whose behalf you are completing this survey?

Do you have a Squamish Public Library card?

How often do you visit the Squamish Public Library in person?

How often do you visit the Squamish Public Library website?

If you don't visit the Squamish Public Library in person or use the website, please let us know why. (Please select ALL that apply.)

Library Experience

In your experience, overall service at the library is

At the Squamish Public Library, we aim to create a welcome, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. In your experience, how do you feel at the library?

Strongly agreeAgreeSomewhat agreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeNot applicable/ I don't visit the library
The library has a friendly atmosphere
The library provides a comfortable environment
Noise levels at the library are within a reasonable range
I feel safe at the library
I feel children are safe at the library
I feel welcome at the library

I find the staff at the library are

AlwaysUsuallySometimesNeverNot applicable/ I don't interact with staff
Helpful on the phone
Helpful in response to emails
Available to help in the library when I need them
Effective in resolving my problems and/or questions

Library Services and Programs

The Squamish Public Library offers numerous resources and services. In your opinion, how important is each of the following?

(Even if you don't use the library resources and services, we welcome your opinion.)
Very ImportantImportantSomewhat importantNot important
Internet access (including Wi-Fi)
Borrowing materials (books, films, magazines, etc.)
Access to our digital library (eBooks, digital audio books, eMagazines, films)
Access to our databases (eg. Lynda.com, Mango Language Learning, Grant Connect, Clicklaw, Consumer Health, BC Stats, etc.)
Access to public computers
Printing, photocopying and scanning
Community gathering spaces
A place to hold meetings
A quiet environment in which to study, work, or relax
Programs and events for all ages
Programs for babies and toddlers
Programs for school-age children
Programs for tweens, teens and young adults
Programs for adults
Materials in languages other than English
Support for newcomers
Community information
Career and job search information
Resources and services for small businesses and entrepreneurs
Local history and genealogy
Assistance finding resources and using information
Book a librarian (one-on-one research and tech assistance)

The Squamish Public Library has numerous programs and services (eg. family storytime, programs for school age children, programs for teens, creative workshops, Quest University Canada lecture series, Squamish Writers' group, book clubs, Book a librarian, seniors' outreach, community pop-up libraries, etc.) What further programs and services would you be interested in seeing the library offer or expand?

I remember seeing or hearing promotion or information about the library... (Please select ALL that apply.)

Library Hours

How important is it to you that the library be open during the following times of the day and week?

Very importantImportantSomewhat importantNot important
Weekday mornings
Weekday evenings
Weekend mornings
Weekend evenings

Library Space

In your opinion, which of the following resources or areas in the library could benefit from having more space? (Please select ALL that apply.)

Library Value

What do you value most about the Squamish Public Library?

What more could the Squamish Public Library do to better serve you and our community?

*Would you like to sign up for our new monthly newsletter? If so, your name will be entered in our weekly draw for a Squamish Public Library trucker hat and in our grand prize draw to be awarded at our Open House on November 2, 2017.[!]

Please note: your email address will be recorded separately from your survey answers and will in no way impact the anonymity of your answers.


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