Thank you for taking the time to participate in Measurement Canada's consultation process by responding to this short survey. Your responses and feedback on your experience with Electric Vehicle (EV) charging will assist Measurement Canada in taking meaningful actions and making informed decisions as it develops standards for EV chargers in the Canadian marketplace.
In Canada, devices such as electric meters and fuel pumps have to meet standards to ensure that consumers and businesses are accurately billed for the amount of electricity or fuel that they use. However, standards do not currently exist for commercial EV chargers. Measurement Canada is proposing EV charging station operators bill customers based on the amount of electricity consumed during the charging process. There is increasing evidence that charging consumers based on the amount of electricity consumed is a more equitable approach than charging based on a flat rate or the amount of time needed to charge an EV, but we are seeking your views.

This survey requires 10 minutes or less to complete. Your participation is voluntary and all your responses will remain anonymous and reported only in aggregate. Measurement Canada will report all feedback received in aggregate and will publish a report on the results of this consultation following its conclusion. For more information on how the data is collected, used and protected, please refer to the Privacy Notice. 

If you have any concerns about the survey or require accommodation to complete it, please contact Public Opinion Research  (IC).

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