Basic Simulation Education Evaluation

CME Accredited

Date of Session


What is your role?

Were you able to review the pre-reading articles prior to the course? If yes, did the articles prepare you for today's course?

Did the course meet the stated learning objectives?

Did your personal objectives align with the overall objectives of the course?

Do you have any outstanding questions related to experiential learning, quality improvement or the continuum of learning?

Please select any/all areas where you require more clarification on the simulation framework:

Facilitation Tools & Resources: Are there areas where you require more review?

Debriefing Models: Do you understand the various debriefing methodologies?

Debriefing Models: Are there areas in the debriefing methodologies you would like more clarity?

Practice for Simulation: Please select any/all of the exercises that assisted you in solidifying simulation facilitation. Comments welcome

Did the instructors facilitate discussions to promote your learning?

Did you perceive any bias, whether industry or other, in any part of the course?

Reflecting on the program content, I am motivated to change my practice in the following ways:

Can you identify any barriers to incorporating what you learned today into your practice?

Please comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the course, and share any suggestions for program improvement:

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