Expression of Interest


An Expression of Interest is the first step in a transparent process that the Impact and Innovation Unit (IIU) uses to assess the alignment between a proposed project/initiative and the goals and outcomes of Impact Canada.


  • Be as concise as possible with your responses; however, do not leave out important information in order to be brief. Where possible, provide supporting materials to strengthen your proposal (e.g. research articles, consultation or performance reports).
  • Answer all questions as best as you can. Incomplete answers will not necessarily result in the IIU not selecting your project/initiative.
  • Expect your Expression of Interest to be assessed within four (4) weeks from the date of receipt. In addition, an IIU team member may contact you during this assessment period to ask follow-up questions.
Questions? Need Information?
Contact: Impact and Innovation Unit

1) Contact Information

*1.1) Name

*1.2) Title:

*1.3) Email

*1.4) Telephone number


*1.5) Department

Please avoid using acronyms

2) Proposed Project/Initiative Information

*2.1) Project/Initiative Title

*2.2) Which of the following best describes your proposed project/initiative:

*2.3) Indicate the department(s) responsible for the project/initiative, including the lead department.

*2.4) For a project/initiative that is intended to be delivered using an existing grants and contributions program, describe the policy/program area, including the following information:

  • Official name of policy/program
  • Policy/program mandate, objectives, and expected results
  • Any policy or legislative authorities and/or Treasury Board approved program Terms and Conditions (please provide link or provide as an attachment) 

*2.5) Where do you think that you would need IIU advice/support?

Check all that apply

*2.6) Describe the problem or issue that you are seeking to address, including the following information:

  • A description of the problem or issue, including evidence and/or data of its effect on Canadians and their communities
  • Details about the federal role/responsibility to address the problem or issue, including if it has been recognized as a Government of Canada/Ministerial priority (e.g. Mandate Letter, Speech from the Throne, Budget)
  • Details about government (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal) and non-government efforts previously taken and/or underway in Canada to address the problem or issue

*2.7) Provide a rationale for using an innovative approach to address the problem or issue, including the following information:

  • Details about why current efforts/systems/markets are not adequately addressing the problem or issue, including the identification of any existing barriers to action
  • Evidence on how the use of an innovative approach by the federal government would help to address existing barriers/market failures and to accelerate progress

*2.8) Provide a description of the proposed project/initiative, including the following information:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Proposed approach (i.e. description of the key activities that will be carried out to implement the project/initiative)
  • Critical milestones and dates
  • What a successful implementation would look like
  • Any evidence, data, and/or underlying theories that were used to determine this information 

*2.9) Describe the outcomes that the project/initiative is seeking to achieve and how they could be measured, including the following information:

  • Brief narrative description about how the project/initiative would address the identified problem or issue and improve outcomes for Canadians
  • Example outcomes that could be used to assess the impact of the project/initiative on the identified problem or issue
  • Any evidence, data, and/or underlying theories that were used to determine this information

*2.10) Describe your organization’s readiness for designing and implementing an innovative approach, including the following information:

Highest level of management support (e.g., Deputy Minister, Assistant Deputy Minister)
  • Number of FTEs dedicated to delivering the project/initiative and fields of expertise (e.g., policy, program, communications, legal, evaluation, finance)
  • Engagement to date with corporate services representatives (e.g., Chief Financial Office, legal, evaluation, communications)
  • Department’s level of comfort and experience in working on innovative outcomes-based projects and funding approaches, including current or previous initiatives contributing to innovation or experimentation policies and directives 
In answering this question, take care to not list the names of specific individuals.

*2.11) Indicate any potential partners (within government or external) involved in the project/initiative. Provide a brief overview of their proposed role(s).

*2.12) If known, indicate the anticipated budget for the project/initiative, including the following information:

  • Rationale for the anticipated budget amount
  • Identify all potential sources of funds (e.g., departmental, other government, nongovernmental) 

*2.13) Indicate the anticipated duration of the project/initiative (in months), including the following information:

  • Anticipated start date (by month and/or fiscal year)