Deep Space Food Challenge

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Applicants may register their interest to apply to the challenge and subscribe to be notified of new challenge information as it becomes available. Registration of interest benefits include notification of newly released challenge documentation/references, challenge related events, invitations to participate in learning events or webinars and potential networking opportunities.

Registration of interest is optional for Canadian Applicants. Applicants will not be evaluated on the content submitted as part of this process.

NOTE: Applicants must apply to the challenge by July 30, 2021 at 5:00 PM Central Time. You can start your application form, save it and continue at a later time.

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Eligible Applicants are:
  • Businesses or other for-profit organizations in Canada;
  • Not-for-profit organizations in Canada;
  • Indigenous organizations and groups located in Canada;
  • Post-secondary/academic institutions located in Canada; and
  • Individuals or groups of individuals based in Canada.
Individuals or groups of individuals are encouraged to submit an application to the Challenge, but in order to be eligible to receive prizes, they will be required to establish a Canadian legal entity (such as a corporation or a not-for-profit organization) capable of entering into binding agreements in Canada.

5. [Optional] Additional information

You may submit additional information that may further allow challenge organizers to tailor learning opportunities and networking to interested Teams:
  • Short pitch: Provide a brief summary description of your food production technology. (What is your proposed technology? What types of food does your technology produce? How is it novel?)
  • Are you looking for additional talent or complementary expertise to design and implement your idea?
  • You may submit this information in the form of text OR a video, of no longer than 3 minutes, by providing a link in the box below.