Canadian Career Education Survey

Like a teacher in the classroom, Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is committed to encouraging students to develop a passion for lifelong learning through collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. AITC-C works with our 10 provincial members to ensure students and teachers are equipped with curriculum-linked resources, programs, and experiences to have a balanced understanding of agriculture and food. 

To deliver upon this promise, we have devoted an entire initiative to helping students learn about the diverse and exciting career opportunities in the agriculture and food industry. thinkAG is a collection of teaching resources and outreach tools that encourage students in Grades 5-12 to explore and get curious about the myriad of career opportunities in agriculture and food.

This survey will help us gain insight into the development and promotion of our career resources, programs, and events. Hearing from educators across Canada is incredibly important in determining the value and sustainability of our current offerings, and will help to inform and shape our future direction.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and input on the following questions, and encourage you to answer in full transparency and honesty. The survey should take approx. 15 minutes.

As a thank you for participating, you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win 1 of 5 Staples giveaways valued at $100 and a grand prize giveaway valued at $500!

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*10) What are the essential elements of a quality career education resource, program, or event?

Ex: how-to-use written guide, how-to-use instructional video, minimal class time required, etc.

*11) What would discourage you from using a career resource, participating in a program, or attending an event?

Ex: multiple class periods required, event at off-site location (not at school), etc.
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Ease of overall use
Diversity of careers highlighted
Relevancy and importance of career information
Variety of programs and resources
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AgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagree
I prefer to only use general career information covering all industries rather than industry-specific resources.
Career education is as important as other school subjects.
I'm interested in attending a live webinar offered by AITC-C that goes over thinkAG resources & how to use them.
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26) Any general comments?

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