CFLA-FCAB Challenges Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete the CFLA-FCAB Intellectual Freedom Challenges Survey.  Library staff like yourself have contributed their reports of challenges to intellectual freedom to CLA since 2006, helping to create a series of reports that chart the changes in this activity over time.  These efforts have created a database that allows for multi-year comparisons.
The heart of the survey is contained in the description of the challenge and in the description of the resolution.  The other markers help lead the report writers to those descriptions. 
Your name and associated information will not be published.  As part of the authentication process, you may be contacted by a member of the Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) if follow-up is needed for further information or if assistance from the IFC is requested.  
We do ask for a postal code to allow for regional analysis of the data but library names are not published in the annual report nor are they included in the spreadsheets containing extracts from the survey data that are posted on the CFLA-FCAB website.  An exception may be made if the library is the subject of stories in the media.
If you have questions about any of these matters, please contact the Chair of the IFC at .. 
Again, the CFLA-FCAB Intellectual Freedom Committee thanks you for your participation in this important work.
Wendy Wright
CFLA-FCAB Intellectual Freedom Committee
CFLA-FCAB's Intellectual Freedom Committee will be reviewing the survey over the next year to ensure we are collecting information that addresses the Canadian library community's current operating environment. Please take a moment to provide us with comments on how you think the survey could be improved
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