PHPC 2022 CPD Symposium: Call For Abstracts

The Public Health Physicians of Canada is excited to announce our annual Continuing Professional Symposium, taking place virtually on July 11 and/or 12, 2022!

PHPC is always improving our CPD symposium with new presenters, new formats and new content. This year we have opportunities for you to participate in 5 types of session:

Problem Solving in Public Health Practice (NEW!)
Submit a public health practice ‘problem’ that you have encountered or are currently experiencing and crowdsource innovative solutions by engaging the collective wisdom of public health physicians from across Canada to.  This session will explore 4-6 practice problems and through a world café format, participants will connect with peers, brainstorm solutions and share best practices and resources.  A total of 90 minutes of the CPD Symposium will be devoted to this session.
Public Health Practice and Innovation - Oral Presentations
An oral presentation will be 10 minutes long with an additional 10 minutes for questions and will showcase original contributions and innovation in public health practice. 
Public Health Practice - Panel Discussion
A panel discussion is designed to be a focused session in which speakers present on a common public health theme, issue or question. The symposium chairperson briefly introduces the session providing an overview of the topic, followed by the panelists’ presentations of a variety of viewpoints and perspectives on the selected public health theme, issue or question. Each session lasts for 90 minutes.
Public Health Practice Workshop
Workshops are intended to be an experiential, interactive format to enhance the skills of conference participants through a practical learning experience. The workshop will provide in-depth coverage on a topic and the format will be more interactive than didactic. Presenters and partners should emphasize the participatory aspect of the workshop and ensure they have strong facilitation skills. Each workshop lasts for 90 minutes.
A debate is a new format for PHPC in which two teams of one to two debaters speak in support of or in opposition to a clear position statement. The moderated debate runs for 90 minutes, with the goal of engaging participants in a conversation about a controversial and important topic.
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