Deliver a presentation on real estate to high school students

This is an opportunity to explain how the law works and the role of lawyers in today’s society. This initiative seeks to give students an overview of buying, selling and renting, or the general real estate process, while also providing them with financial and legal literacy skills.

Do you know a high school teacher who could invite you into their classroom to present on real estate topics? This is a great opportunity to get out of the office and give back to the community.

The commitment is to lead a presentation or support a teacher in their presentation, introducing students to the process, terminology, issues and different roles involved in a real estate transaction. The materials have been designed for in-class presentation supported by a PowerPoint presentation. It can be presented in less than one hour depending on the class time availability.

If you are interested (whether you have a teacher contact or not), submit your name and the location you propose to present at and we will endeavour to find you an interested classroom.

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