Volunteer Annual Renewal Forms

This online survey tool is for all Hospice Volunteers who have been with us for one year or more:
Please complete and submit these forms no later than Feb 15, 2020.

Instuctions for completing these forms:
1. Review Privacy and Confidentiality Policy on the next page and agree to the terms by filling in your name, phone number and date at the bottom of the page. 

2. Declaration of Offence Form - select Yes or No if you are in a role which required an initital police check.  If yes, fill out the Declaration of Offence Form.

3.  Driver Agreement Form - If you are a volunteer who drives clients for Hospice Care Ottawa, please fill out the driver agreeement form.

Working towards provincial standards,  HCO needs to make sure these legislated requirements are completed.  We have developed this online platform to offer easy completion of the form/s, however, if you prefer to sign them in person please visit, Paulette (MCH), Laura (RSH) or Janet (MDE).

Click NEXT to continue on to the next page.  This should take no more than 4-5 mins. 

Thank you!
Volunteer Services Team 
Download form including your responses to PDF Excel

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