KnowledgeNudge Blog Reader Survey

Let’s be honest – New Year’s resolutions hardly ever stick. 
But January 1st is a great point of reference for website analytics. It’s the day we get to start comparing the current performance of KnowledgeNudge against what we’ve achieved in the past. 
With that in mind, it seems like a good time to gauge how well our content meets the needs of our readers, and to determine what you’d like to see more of in 2018.

What happens to the information?
Here at the George and Fay Yee Centre for Innovation, we are dedicated to maintaining confidentiality and privacy, and will only use the information you provide for internal quality review and improvement of the KnowledgeNudge blog and its content. No information collected in this survey will be shared with any other parties.

Let's Begin!

*What is your current field of work? (Please select one)

*How did you first learn about KnowledgeNudge?

*How often do you visit KnowledgeNudge on (Please select one)

*How do you usually find out about new posts on KnowledgeNudge? (Select all that apply)

*How do you feel about the frequency of blog posts on KnowledgeNudge (currently one per week)? (Please select one)

*Posts about patient engagement on KnowledgeNudge (e.g. considerations when budgeting for engagement, the photovoice method, why we need trauma-informed intersectional analysis, etc.) are useful to me

*Posts about the science of knowledge translation on KnowledgeNudge (e.g. the Knowledge-to-Action framework, integrated knowledge translation, article reviews, etc.) are useful to me

*Posts about tools for knowledge translation on KnowledgeNudge (e.g. introduction to nudging, top 5 Twitter accounts to follow, top 5 sites for knowledge brokers, etc.) are useful to me

What knowledge translation or patient engagement-related subjects would you like to see KnowledgeNudge address in 2018?

Please use this space to provide any additional comments you may have to help us improve our site

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