Tell Your Story Spring Break 2022

Application Form: Spring 2022 Program

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*In this program, writers will create a short story that gives nature a voice. They will choose a place and a natural element to focus on (tree, flower, sun, wind, water…). Then they will think of a conflict to do with climate change and a solution for the end of the story. Do you have an idea for a place and a natural element that you might write about in your story?

*Can you tell us why you are excited to be part of Tell Your Story?

We will be selecting writers to participate in this Tell Your Story program and will contact you by email (participant and parent’s email) to let you know if you have been selected.
If you’re not selected this time, there will be other Tell Your Story projects in the future.
Questions about this application form? Contact the Youth Department at or 604.925.7408.
Thank you for applying!
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