Professional Development Program Pilot

Thank you for your interest in the pilot of our Professional Development Portfolio 2.0. Your feedback on this process will be very valuable.
  • By submitting the information below, you are agreeing to receive further communication about the pilot. Communication will consist of one email giving more details on the pilot process. You will also receive an email with log-in information and one or two follow-up emails to remind you to complete it.
  • You can expect to spend approximately 1 hour in total on the reflection process and providing feedback. You don’t have to complete it all at once, but the pilot will only be open until early January.
  • You will have an opportunity to enter one of our prize draws for a $50 gift card. Entry is possible after completing the pilot and the feedback survey. The earlier you complete the pilot the more opportunities you have to win! 

We will send you an email with more details in 1-3 business days. ​Stay tuned! 

Many thanks, 
The Quality Practice Team at CPTBC
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