Social isolation can be scary and sad for all of us. Staying connected to people we care about keeps us happy, healthy and safe. Talking to a friend on FaceTime, doing an activity we love, or getting mail from a loved-one are things that help to lift our spirits. That’s why we’re starting Friendly Connections, a way for us to stay connected with you through fun deliveries, such as a postcard, a letter or just a simple email to say ‘Hi’!

We would love to have a Friendly Connection with you. So if you’re interested in receiving a special connection from us once per week, please fill out the form below and lets get connected!  

Some items you could expect to receive are a postcard or letter in the mail, some activity sheets or coloring pages, an email message or even a virtual FaceTime or Zoom chat to check in.We hope to be connected with you soon!

* You can signup for Friendly Connections once every week by coming back here to submit another request
* Friendly Connections is intended for the residents of Canada only.
* Anyone under the age of 18 requesting direct communication will require adult supervision during the Friendly Connections meeting.

*Recipient First Name

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Name of Supervising Adult (Only required for individuals under the age of 18 requesting direct communication)




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