PEP Evaluation (CDOBC)

We would like your feedback!

This 15-minute survey aims to gather information about your experience to date with the
Professional Enhancement Program (PEP)

In January 2023, the College (CDOBC) launched the Professional Enhancement Program (PEP).
Between January and July 2023, all registrants of the College were required to complete the Self-Assessment, the first component of the PEP.

We are seeking your input about the overall introduction to the PEP and your experience of the Self-Assessment component. This information will help improve our communications with you about the PEP and the self-assessment process.

This survey is being administered by the Career-Span Competence Collaborative (CSC Collab). All information provided is anonymous and confidential and will be securely stored. The College will receive aggregate-level reports of the survey results.


There are 4 sections to this survey, with 3 to 6 questions per section. 

All questions in section 1-3 are required. All questions have response options for you to choose from as well as optional open fields where you may provide additional insights or information.

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions (this is not a test!). Please answer all questions honestly, as this will provide us with the best information, so that we can ensure the PEP is a great tool for you!

This survey is voluntary. It is not a required component of the PEP.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
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