District of Kent Short-Term Rentals Questionnaire

An issue of current interest to many municipalities including Kent is what effect short-term rentals might have on the character of neighbourhoods, affordable housing, and tourist accommodations. Some residents have expressed concern for noise and parking at unregulated short-term rentals. Other residents have stated that the extra income earned from short-term rentals help to offset housing costs.
If possible, please read the information brief prior to completing the questionnaire. The questionnaire will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.
The District of Kent has prepared this questionnaire to assist in identifying the community’s preferred approaches to managing short-term rentals. Any regulation created from the input received by the community will be subject to additional engagement later this year.  
Thank you for your interest and willingness to share your opinion.


*1) I've read the background brief on short-term rentals.

2) Please select a category that best describes your residency in the District of Kent? (please check all appropriate boxes)

3) Do you own or rent the residence you stay at in the District?

4) What general area of the District of Kent do you own or rent property?

5) Do you advertise your house for short-term rentals in the District? (please check all appropriate boxes)

6) Do you own and operate a business in the District of Kent?


7) Take a moment if you wish to describe your experience living beside or near a short-term rental or renting out your property as a short-term rental.

8) Have you ever vacationed in a residential style short-term nightly rental booked through an online booking site or property manager?

9) If so, how was the experience on a rating scale of 10? (1 being extremely bad and 10 being extremely good)

10) Why did you rate your experience as you did?

11) How would you feel having short-term rentals in your neighbourhood?

12) Do you believe short-term rentals provide benefits to other businesses in the District?

13) Below is a list of commonly reported benefits with short-term rentals. Please prioritize the importance of each benefit to the community of Kent - 5 being very important to 1 being not at all important.

5 very important4321 not at all important
Increases or maintains property value
More accommodation options for visitors - improving experiences
Cultural exchange of residents and visitors
Offsets the cost of housing for full-time resident homeowners
Provides additional disposable income to homeowners
Offsets the cost of the property for part-time residents/owners
Provides additional revenue for property investors who don't use their units

14) Below is a list of commonly reported challenges with short-term rentals. Please rate your level of concern with the impact of these challenges on the community of Kent - 5 being very concerned to 1 being not concerned at all.

5 very concerned4321 not at all concerned
Parking/snow clearing/traffic problems
Noise disturbances
Loss of community feel, empty neighbourhoods, rotating neighbours
Inflated real estate prices
Reduces the availability of long-term rentals
Erosion of the commercial tax revenues/base like that from hotels and other businesses
Unfair tax advantage over legitimate commercial accommodation properties like B&Bs and hotels


15) Assuming effective enforcement and bylaws are in place to manage short-term rental operational concerns (parking, garbage, noise), please select the regulation approach that best matches your thinking at this time? (please check one)

16) Under what conditions would you accept a short-term rental in your neighbourhood? (please check all appropriate boxes)

17) Select an approach to capping short-term rentals you agree with most.

18) Who should be able to operate short-term rentals? (Please check all appropriate boxes)

19) What type of dwellings should be able to be rented as short-term rentals? (Please check all appropriate boxes)

20) Where should short-term rentals be permitted? (Please check all appropriate boxes)

21) Thank you so much for your opinion! Please leave any final comments or concerns on short-term rentals in the District of Kent here:

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