Digital Maturity Assessment: Digital Intensity

Welcome to the Digital Maturity Assessment. This is part of the Linked Digital Future initiative from CAPACOA. The Linked Digital Future initiative is funded by the Government of Canada and by the Canada Council for the Arts. 

This questionnaire was developed to help you assess your organization's Digital Intensity and Digital Culture. Based on the Business Development Bank of Canada's model, digital intensity measures the use of digital technology in your organization and digital culture measures the ability to implement change and technology. 

The Digital Maturity Assessment is primarily designed as a measurement tool for Linked Digital Future activities designed for Canadian performing arts organizations (Digital Navigation Program, Digital Discoverability Program, digital literacy events, etc.). However, any arts organization may find it useful. We hope your participation in this assessment will provide insight and information on your organization’s digital transformation.

The questionnaire is comprised of three parts: digital intensity, digital culture and an optional intake questionnaire for applicants to the Digital Navigation Program. 

The assessment takes 10-12 minutes to complete. 

CONFIDENTIALITY: This is a confidential assessment. The name of the responding organization is asked only for the sake of matching assessment responses with applications to other Linked Digital Future programs and activities (if necessary). Although assessment answers will be used for benchmarking and evaluation, assessment responses will only be reported upon in aggregate format, to ensure the anonymity of individual responses. 

Do you work primarily as an individual artist or as part of an organization?

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