Your Health Matters...

The Wellington Health Care Alliance (Groves Memorial Community Hospital and North Wellington Health Care) is embarking on the development of a new Strategic Plan that will provide direction to our organizations over the next 3-5 years. The Strategic Plan guides our actions towards achievement of our Vision, Mission and Values. 

Vision - Your health matters
Mission - Together, advancing exceptional care and wellness
Values - We are compassionate, respectful, innovative, professional and collaborative

We are inviting you to help shape the future of your hospital by taking a few moments to share your opinion on the care and services we provide to our communities. 

1. Which hospital do you define as your community hospital?

2. What are the greatest strengths that you would say describe your hospital?

3. What are the most important programs and services that your hospital provides to the communities it serves?

4. What health care needs are not being met by the programs and services offered at your hospital?

5. What are the biggest opportunities your hospital should consider that would positively impact the health of residents in your community?

6. What challenges do you see over the next 3-5 years in your community or the healthcare environment in general, that might create obstacles for your hospital's success in achieving the Vision, Mission and Values?

7. Please check all that apply:

Thank you for completing our survey! 

We are constantly looking for ways to serve our communities better.

If you are interested in further sharing your ideas, please contact Alison Armstrong, Communications and Stakeholder Relations,

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