Public Submissions

Welcome to the Public Submissions process of the Mass Casualty Commission.

An important part of the Commission’s work is to explore the causes, context and circumstances giving rise to the April 2020 mass casualty and to make meaningful recommendations for the future. To support this work, we have commissioned reports on issues relevant to our mandate, and gathered and analyzed public policy, academic research and lessons learned from previous mass casualties. We encourage you to review the Commission’s mandate and list of Commissioned Reports prior to completing this survey.

We want to make sure we have gathered input on these issues from a range of research, academic, technical or other sources, including members of the public who have experience in these areas, either professionally or personally. Public Submissions will provide an opportunity for you to share your perspective and help inform the Commission’s recommendations to help make communities safer. All input we receive on issues related to our mandate will be carefully reviewed.

You do not need to be an expert or policy maker to provide a meaningful submission. We want to hear from you if you have something to share that would be helpful for the Commission to consider. That could be anything from academic reports or research on related issues to a simple suggestion or change that you think would make your local community safer.

Please submit your response by September 1, 2022. Your participation is appreciated.

We know the nature of the events and issues we are investigating can be difficult, and we encourage you to consider the mental health and other wellness supports available if you or anyone you know need them at any time. Information can be found on our Wellness page.