genAG: Teacher Post-Survey

Thank you for participating in genAG! We value your feedback to determine how to improve this resource to ensure it meets the needs of teachers and students. This survey should take no longer than 10 minutes. 

1) Please provide your name (Optional):

*2) What's the name of your school?

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*7) Which curriculum connections and/or learning outcomes did you meet by participating in the program?

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Ease of overall use
Ability to follow program instructions
Ease of accessing and uploading program materials

*17) Do you feel the majority of your students are more interested in agriculture and food careers as a result of participating in this program?

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Produces safe, healthy food?
Takes good care of the environment & protects it for future generations?
Uses best management practices to ensure the health & welfare of their animals?

25) Any general comments regarding the genAG program?

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27) Are you willing to provide a testimonial about genAG to be used for promotional purposes? If so, please provide a comment or quote here.