Infective Endocarditis Interactive Tool

This interactive tool was developed to assist in the management of infective endocarditis (IE).    IE is a complex disease and consultation with the infectious disease service is recommended.

Optimially, blood cultures should be obtained before antimicrobial therapy is started.  If the patient is hemodymamically stable without signs of sepsis, obtain at least 3 blood cultures over more than an hour.

Baddour LM et al. Infective Endocarditis in Adults: Diagnosis, Antimicrobial Therapy, and Management of Complications. A Scientific Statement for Healthcare Professionals from the American Heart Association. Circulation 2015;132:1-52

Infective Endocarditis Clinical Summary 


Last Updated November 2018
Disclaimer: This document is intended for internal use at Sinai Health System and University Health Network. Recommendations herein are based on existing literature and clinical practice and are subject to change at any time. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.


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