DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship - Application Form

If you're applying to the DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship, you're part of the next generation of leaders and changemakers working towards a more sustainable food and agriculture industry. 

We want all students to see a future career for themselves in agriculture and food. We also want to inspire you to help reach your goals and realize your passions within this growing, evolving industry.  

Be sure to provide thoughtful answers to all questions as this information may be used in the case of a tie-breaker for top applicants. 

Applicant Information

Contact information will be used strictly for the purpose of notifying the applicant as to their success. If preferred, applicants may use a teacher or parent's email address and phone number.

School Information

Application Requirements

Accepted file formats by category:
Written essays - doc, docm, docx, pdf
Video - mp4 (must be posted as an unlisted video on YouTube)
Visual arts - png, jpg, gif, ppsx

*8) Title of Submission (Must include your first and last name)

*9) Which resources did you use when answering the submission questions?

Please list all resources used and provide direct links.

*10) If you were one of the successful applicants of the scholarship, what would you plan to use the $3,000 for?

Examples may include: to cover some of the costs of post-secondary schooling, to put towards a sustainability initiative, etc.
Please ensure the title of your submission with your first and last name are included in the file name(s).
For applicants submitting a visual arts piece (if a physical object), please upload a photo of your submission in jpg or png format, along with your 300-word description. 
For applicants submitting a video, you may skip to the next question.
Download form to sign HERE

14) Is there any information you wish to share with us regarding your application for this scholarship?

Review Scholarship Terms & Conditions HERE.

Questions, concerns, or issues?
Please email AITC-C's thinkAG Project Coordinator, Morgan MacTavish, at mmactavish@aitc-canada.ca or contact by phone at 519-280-6913. Morgan will respond to you in 2-3 business days. 

NOTE: If you're a teacher submitting an application on behalf of a student, please ensure you clearly indicate the student's name and provide all required signed documents. 


Thank you for your interest in applying for the DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship, powered by thinkAG!

All applications must be submitted by May 1, 2023 at 11:59PM CST. 

Download form including your responses to PDF Excel