ASW Voluntary Services, Guardianship and Child Protection

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*1. Time Management: Classroom time was used efficiently to cover curriculum?

*2. Facilitators: The facilitators were knowledgeable about the subject area?

*3. Classroom Learning: The facilitators used a variety of techniques (i.e. lecture, group work, dyads, technology, etc. ) to enhance my learning?

*4. Skills: As a result of taking the training you are more prepared with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform your job more effectively?

*5. Voluntary Services Week 1: As a result of completing the VS Week 1 training you are more informed about the history of Indigenous people and the continued impact on Indigenous children, families and communities?

Please comment on the following questions.

6. If applicable, please describe how Voluntary Services Week 1 enhanced your learning and the impact on your practice with Indigenous children, families and communities.

7. What was the most valuable aspect of your learning?

8. Please describe if you are more confident to work with Indigenous children, families and communities after completing the training.

9. Please describe what was most meaningful in terms of guest speakers (if applicable)?

10. Is there any additional feed back about any aspect of the training that enhanced your learning experience?

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