Transit Trust - Employee Experience Survey

Your disability benefits are provided through the Transit Employees' Health and Benefit Trust ("Trust"). The Trust is committed to ensuring an excellent customer service experience for all its members as they access their benefits and services available through Great West Life. This survey focuses on your experience with Great West Life during your recent disability.

This survey is completely confidential and anonymous. The results of your survey along with others received quarterly will be summarized and shared with the Trust for the purposes of improving the delivery of the benefits. No individual responses will be shared.

Initial Communication

During your initial conversation with your case manager, did you discuss responsibilities and expectations while you are on disability of:


your Case Manager?

and your employer?

Did you receive a call from your Great-West Life case manager to explain the decision on your disability benefits claim and describe what happens next?

If no, how were you informed of this decision?

Ongoing Communication

While receiving disability benefits, did your case manager set up regular check-ins with you?

During calls, did your Case Manager ask you for specific details about your health, any restriction and limitations limiting your ability to return to work?

Did your Case Manager answer any questions you had in a complete and thorough manner?

Were your phone calls and/or emails returned by your Case Manager within a reasonable timeframe (i.e., within 2 business days)?

Overall Experience

Did you feel you were treated in a respectful and supportive manner by your Case Manager?

Did your Case Manager identify options to help with your recovery?

End of Disability Benefits

Did you receive a call from the Case Manager to explain why your disability benefits would be ending?

Did you understand why the decision was made?

If you disagreed with the decision, did your case manager describe the appeal process?

Additional Comments

Is there any other feedback you would like to share with us to improve the disability benefits claims experience for others?

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. If you have any questions or additional comments, please contact your appointed trustee.

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