Fellowship Designation - FAMMI

The purpose of this designation is to recognize AMMI Canada members who have achieved professional excellence and made significant contributions to infectious diseases or microbiology and to AMMI Canada.
The fellowship designation will allow the use of the term “Fellow” in association with the name AMMI Canada. The designation is not intended to introduce a new class or category of member to AMMI Canada.
Eligibility and Application Requirements of Applicant

  1. Current or past Active membership in AMMI Canada for a minimum of seven consecutive years (excluding parental leaves), in good standing.
  2. Engagement in the clinical practice of infectious diseases, microbiology or a related field as their primary activity OR engagement in clinical or basic research, administration, or teaching in infectious diseases or in a related field as their primary activity.
  3. Significant contributions made to AMMI Canada (e.g., held a board position, chaired committees).
  4. Continue to be identified with the field of infectious diseases (as an infectious diseases clinician, researcher, microbiologists, epidemiologist, pharmacologist, or administrator) 
  5. Demonstrated impact  of work.
  6. Completed the Fellowship application.
  7. Two letters of support, one from an AMMI Canada member who holds the FAMMI designation and a second from an Active member of AMMI Canada in good standing. Letters must clearly identify the track the applicant is applying for and should document in detail how the applicant meets the criteria.

Review and Selection Process
All applications will be reviewed by the AMMI Canada Council. Applicants will be notified of the Council’s decision late March 2022.

NOTE: An applicant who is not accepted may apply in alternate years. There is no limit to how many applicants can apply. 
Members receiving the FAMMI designation, will be announced at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.
Submission Deadline: March 1, 2022
If you have any difficult completing the application, or have any questions please contact Krystal Sabourin at krystal@ammi.ca.
FAMMI Recipients 

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