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Tell us the story of your rural health innovation!

Rural Ingenuity Rocks 
At the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), we’re passionate about improving the health of rural people and communities. We know that, when it comes to solving local health challenges, people in rural communities are self-reliant, innovative and industrious. Often, rural community members develop grassroots “rural health innovations”—models, programs, initiatives, approaches and work-arounds—to improve the health and wellbeing of people in their communities. These rural health innovations can be a “quick win” or more complex solutions.  

Share Your “Rural Health Innovation” & Inspire Others 
Big or small, we want to know all about your rural health innovation! Tell us the story about why your community needed it, how you created it, and what impact it has had in your community. After we receive your written story, we may reach out to you to develop a video. We’ll then share and promote your story online on the Rural Health Innovations Inventory—a collaborative website that we’ve developed for rural people and communities. By sharing your rural health innovation on the website, you’ll allow other rural British Columbians to learn from you, link with you—and maybe even collaborate with you. 

How Can You Share Your Story? 
Scroll down and answer all the questions below as thoroughly as possible. Note that there are word limits for each section, so please try your very best to be brief.  

Get Further Information 
If you have questions, or need further information, please contact Tracey Deleeuw at RCCbc: 
Telephone: 604-900-5793 

Name of Story Contributor:

Role of Story Contributor (if applicable):

Location (must be in British Columbia):

Email address (for public use on our website):

Phone number (for public use on our website):

Name of your Rural Health Innovation:

Why was there a need for your rural health innovation?

Things to tell us about...
  • What challenge(s) you were trying to address?
  • What were community members saying about the challenge?
  • Was there any research evidence about the challenge?

What rural health innovation did you create—and how did you do it?

Things to tell us about…  

  • Who did you work with to develop it and get it off the ground?  
  • What specific steps or actions did you take to create it? 
  • Who funded it—and how did you go about getting the funding for it?  
  • Any huge wins or failures to report that could help others? 

What impact is your rural health innovation having in your community?

Things to tell us about…  

  • Do you have any qualitative or quantitative data about how your rural health innovation is working?  
  • ​What are community members saying around town about your rural health innovation? (Can you share any quotes from others?) 
  • How are community members interacting with your rural health innovation?

In one quote, what piece of advice would you give to another person in rural BC who might be thinking about creating a rural health innovation in their own community?

Please select all that apply

Do you have an amazing photo of, or any resources (e.g., fact sheet, toolkit) for, your rural health innovation? Please describe below and email it to Tracey DeLeeuw at

By submitting this form to the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), you give RCCbc the absolute right and permission to use the information provided, including your story, name, location, and contact information, without limitation. This information can be used by RCCbc and our partner organizations for any use, including on the internet, other electronic media, and in printed materials, for any period of time.
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