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thinkAG is Agriculture in the Classroom Canada's (AITC-C) nation-wide initiative that provides resources and learning tools to help students envision fulfilling and fitting future careers for themselves in agriculture and food. 

There's no better way to showcase the great careers along the agriculture and food value chain than hearing directly from people who work in and on it every day. By featuring people like you, students will be able to learn about the multitude of diverse careers in our important industry. 

AITC-C 's thinkAG website allows students to explore careers tailored to their interests, skills and aptitudes. By completing this form and sharing your info with us, you’ll have the opportunity to be featured on and/or on AITC social media. To view a current career profile on the website, please click here

AITC-C has partnered with Let's Talk Science (LTS) to help students better appreciate the wide range of interesting careers that benefit from a background in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). If you work in a STEM career, we invite you to also fill out LTS's online questionnaire.

Your name, employer’s name (if applicable) and location will be listed along with your information. Please ensure you have your employer’s permission to provide this info.

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Thank you in advance for providing your career info. We're looking forward to sharing your career story with Canadian students.

Just as Canadian agriculture is diverse, so are the people working in it. AITC-C strives to showcase diversity and be inclusive. This information is for internal purposes only.

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Are you working in a job that suits your interests, talents, and aptitude?

Take the Holland Code Career Test!

In an effort to help students understand how their skills and interests can translate to working in meaningful careers suited to them, we are developing ways for students to learn more about themselves, using the scientific Holland Code model as our guide. Holland codes are a way of classifying people according to their interests so they can be matched with appropriate careers.  

Please share your results here. If you had any tied scores among interest areas, rank higher the interest area you feel more closely represents you.


Job Title

Job Highlights

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What makes your career relevant and fulfilling? Why does your career matter? How do the things you do or produce affect others?
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What are the key takeaways about your type of job that you want to leave students with?

Job Specifics

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Education, Training + Skills

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Please provide details about post-secondary institutions and name of program(s). Include links to post-secondary programming if possible. If you didn't follow a formal training or post-secondary program, please describe how you prepared yourself for your current job.

About the Job

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Suggested length: 5-7 bullet points
Ie: Workplace environment
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What is the job outlook?
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Final Items

Please provide a portrait orientation photo (taller than it is wide) of you demonstrating your favourite part of your job, or something you would do on a regular basis.

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The info/images you provide, in whole or in part, may be used to create a career spotlight on AITC-C's thinkAG website or could be featured on AITC social media. They may also be used to promote and/or develop the free educational resources provided by AITC-C. 

Upon receiving your info, we may suggest edits for clarity. We'll contact you prior to it being published to provide you an opportunity to review and approve the info, and to let you know where it will be located and when it will be posted.  

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Before You Go

Do you work in a STEM career in ag and food? AITC-C has partnered with Let's Talk Science (LTS) to help secondary students better appreciate the wide range of interesting careers that require a background in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Please consider also completing LTS's online questionnaire.

Questions? Please contact Shayla Hertz, AITC-C's thinkAG Manager, at

Thank you for taking the time to share your career story. Your contribution will help inspire students to consider a career in this exciting and dynamic industry!