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Pause 4 Providers - Virtual Mindfulness Sessions


Thank you for considering filling out this brief 10 minute survey to evaluate the reach and impact of this drop-in, virtual mindfulness group whose goals are to reduce stress levels and enhance resiliency in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ontario Ministry of Health's AFP Innovation Fund.


SAVE AND RETURN:  You can save and return to the questionnaire at any time if you cannot complete it in one sitting. At the bottom of the page, there is a "save and return" button. When you click this, you will be provided with a return code which you can use at a later date to return to your questionnaire. Once you are ready to return, click the "returning" button on the top right hand side of the page and input your return code. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.


Consent Information 


Participation is voluntary

Your participation in the Pause 4 Providers research study is completely voluntary. You are welcome to complete as much or as little of the study as you please. You are allowed to skip questions if you don’t want to answer them. You may choose to withdraw from this research study at any point in time, even after you have provided consent. If you request to withdraw from this research study, please let us know via email. The research staff will acknowledge your decision and enact one of the following procedures to handle your data, based on your preference:


a) You will not be contacted for additional data collection. Any data collected from you will be immediately destroyed and excluded from the analyses.

b) You will not be contacted for additional data collection, but the research team may continue to use the data you provided before your withdrawal.


We will email you thanking you for your participation and confirming that you have been removed from the research study. Withdrawal from the study will not affect your participation in the Pause 4 Providers program. There are no professional consequences of this research study and this will in no way impact your position at your institution.


Potential Risks and Benefits 

The risks we know of are minimal: There is a small risk of temporary emotional discomfort that may arise from being asked questions on the questionnaire, such as what drew you to participate in the sessions. You can choose not to answer any questions that you are not comfortable answering. 


You will not receive direct benefit from your participation in this research study. Information learned from this research study may help to develop effective mindfulness programs in the future.



Your confidentiality is important to us. The information that you provide will be stored within the survey system databases and downloaded to be stored on servers at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada. Only the study team will be allowed to look at your anonymized records. The overall results of this research may be published in a medical or scientific journal, or presented at a medical or scientific meeting. Individual answers will not be published, displayed or discussed.


If you choose to participate in the qualitative interview, the research team will collect your email address. This information will be stored separately from the rest of the information collected for this program evaluation (called 'coded data'). The research team will have a list that links your email address to your code so that your coded data can be linked back to you if necessary. This list will be kept separate from the coded data in a secure place. If the results of this study are published, any identifiable information will remain confidential. Even though the likelihood that someone may identify you from the coded data is very small, the risk can never be completely eliminated.


Information that travels on the internet and is stored on a computer is sometimes viewed by third parties by accident, because of government policies or a court subpoena, as a result of criminal hacking or for other reasons. Therefore, completing this questionnaire carries some risk of your personal, anonymous information being read by someone other than the researchers.


Approval by the Mount Sinai Research Ethics Board 

This research study has been approved by the Mount Sinai Hospital Research Ethics Board. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to speak to the study team for any reason, please contact Camille Khallouf at If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant or have concerns about this study, please contact the Chair of the Mount Sinai Hospital Research Ethics Board or the Research Ethics Office at 416-586-4875. The REB is a group of people who oversee the ethical conduct of research studies. These people are not part of the study team. Everything that you discuss will be kept confidential.


By completing the questionnaire, you agree that:

  • You voluntarily agree to participate in the Pause 4 Providers research study and have your anonymized responses included in the evaluation.
  • You have been given time to consider whether or not to participate in the Pause 4 Providers research study. 
  • You understand that you may refuse to participate or complete as much or as little of the questionnaire as you please without any adverse or negative consequences.
  • You understand that you may refuse to participate or withdraw from this research study at any time and that this withdrawal will not have any adverse or negative consequences or affect any future involvement with the Pause 4 Providers program. 
  • You understand that your implied consent does not waive any of your legal rights, nor relieve the Pause 4 Providers team from any legal responsibility.
  • You have read and understood this entire consent form. 

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