Phishing Awareness and Prevention

We strive to protect the security of all our users. We have become aware of phishing attempts using our platform, thus have contacted the appropriate authorities to track down those who use our name and platform illegally. We urge you to remain attentive and report any illegal scams you may come across. We will suspend any use of our services and remove customer data and/or content that intends to deceive or mislead respondents. This includes linking to websites with malicious software such as malware or by attempting to wrongfully collect, determined at our sole discretion, sensitive information. 

We would like to share this important reminder: always be vigilant when filling out online forms requesting sensitive information. Make sure to validate the source and the reason for being contacted before clicking on links within emails or SMS. Scammers may try to use our name to deceive people to obtain sensitive, personal information such as usernames, passwords, credit card details, and more.  

If you come across a survey or form from which you do not recognise the source or that appears to be phishing for sensitive information, do not fill it out. Contact us at for any questions or if you suspect any wrongful activity. 

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